Upgrades & New Computers

Faster and better.

If your computer is slow or broken, then there are two basic options Repair & Upgrade or Replace.

Technology progresses quickly and the cost to performance ratio improves all the time. What seemed once a fast computer becomes over the years a slow machine because of the change in software and the demands that we have on our systems. We now have several programs open and have access to software that was in the past only available to professionals with very powerful machines.

If your computer is slow or broken, then there are two basic options:

1. Repair and upgrade

Fixing a computer by replacing components or fixing software issues is possible in most instances and every time you contact us we will assess whether it is more economical to replace a computer or improve it by changing out parts.

JCR Computers have the expertise, experience, equipment and tools to improve most computer systems. With broken systems we salvage your data and load it back on your new or repaired system to minimise data loss.

2. Replace

When the cost to repair the computer outweighs the value and when the life expectancy of the computer after the repair is so that investing in a repair is not economical or you just want a more up-to-date model then replacement is the way to go.

JCR Computers can help you with a new computer, whether it is a standard laptop, a custom laptop, a desktop or server, we will advise the right model for your requirements and deliver and install your new computer. We will migrate the data and install your key software so that you can start working from the moment of arrival.

Is your PC slow to start up, or complaining about the lack of space on your hard drive? Now could be a good time to upgrade some components. Or how about an upgrade to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS? Call us now.

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