Switching IT Providers

We are here to help.

Rest assured that JCR Computers has the experience necessary to make this switch smooth and secure.

Information technology providers handle the underlying digital core of your organisation, and you trust them to keep your access to information operational and your data safe. This gives your IT provider significant responsibility, and therefore, negligence or ill will on their part can lead to significant ramifications upon your business operations. As a result, switching IT providers to our trusted team can seem intimidating.

  • What if your new IT provider lacks the technical skills to meet your business’ specific needs?
  • What if your old provider becomes irritated and retaliates upon your network as a result of the termination of your business relationship?

These concerns are reasonable and addressable.

The vast majority of our clients at JCR Computers had a previous IT provider before we took over. It becomes our responsibility to learn and secure the IT environment quickly, and to work with management to craft a secure exit strategy from the outgoing provider.

We understand that making the switch from your old IT provider can be a frightening endeavour. Rest assured that JCR Computers has the experience necessary to make the switch smooth and secure.

When you are ready for a better IT provider, give us a call to discuss a smooth and secure switch and our methodology for rapidly familiarising ourselves with and securing your IT infrastructure.

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