Repairs & Upgrades

Keep your computer running optimally.

JCR Computers provides On-Site repairs, upgrades and services to just about any computer, laptop or server.

According to Moore’s Law, the processing power of computers doubles every two years. With this rapid advancement in technology, old devices can be left behind quickly, lagging behind new computers in many applications.

Over time, computers begin to feel slower, as the routine demands of everyday software increases to take advantage of recent technology, and parts in our computers fail, leaving the computer to work with reduced capacity or to fail outright. In these cases, a repair, or upgrade of your computer is necessary.

In all circumstances, JCR Computers is able to help. We have the expertise and experience to help you make the right decision to either:

  • Repair: we have the tools, equipment and knowledge to replace parts in your computer, so it works again as you expect
  • Upgrade: we can advise on the right course of action to make your computer faster and performing better and then upgrade your computer with a Solid-State Drive, increased memory, faster video card or other components
  • Replace: we can tell you which computer and model is best to suit your needs and then deliver the selected equipment. We can also safely delete the data from your old devices and dispose of these devices responsibly.

If your computer is broken, slow or if you just desire faster performance, JCR Computers is able to help you achieve these outcomes now.

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