Repairs & Upgrades

Keep your computer running optimally.

JCR Computers provides On-Site repairs, upgrades and services to just about any computer, laptop or server.

Computers are manufactured of components made with refined technology purposed to store and process your data. The technology used keeps developing at a rapid pace and newer processors, memory, drives and other components come on the market to work more reliable and faster.

Over time computers feel slower, either because your demands on the software and tasks have increased and the computer can’t keep up or parts fail and the computer works with reduced capacity or fails altogether. In those instances you would be looking to either repair or replace the computer.

In all circumstances JCR Computers can help; we have the expertise and experience to help you make the right decision:

  • Repair: we have the tools, equipment and knowledge to replace parts in your computer so it works again as you expect
  • Upgrade: we can advise on the right course of action to make your computer faster and performing better and then upgrade your computer with a Solid State Drive, increased memory, faster video card or other components
  • Replace: we can tell you which computer and model is best to suit your needs and then deliver the decided on equipment, be it a laptop, tablet, desktop or server. We also can delete the data securily from your old computer and dispose of it it responsibly.

Is your PC failing, slow to start up, or are you looking for an overall better performance? Now could be a good time to repair, upgrade or replace. Or how about an upgrade to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS? Call us now.

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