Custom & Gaming Computers

For something special.

We can recommend the right configuration and build your new and reliable PC in a matter of days.

A powerful gaming computer is a prerequisite to enjoying the many new, graphically demanding games that are entering the market, and completing computationally intensive professional work such as video editing, graphic design and 3D modelling.

JCR Computers takes pride in providing a premium custom computer building service to its customers with fast turnaround. We are able to plan a combination of parts to best fit your individual requirements and budget. From a low-cost computer to access the internet, to a powerful computer to tear through games at high resolution, JCR Computers will be able to create a custom solution for you.

We understand that different business applications require performance in different areas and software. With out experience and knowledge, we can advise on a suitable configuration of core clock speed, graphical performance, and data storage to optimise the performance of a computer to your business’s specific software needs.

Whether you are in need of a computer to access the internet, or tear through professional applications, JCR Computers will be able to create a custom solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

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