Cloud Virtual Servers

Hosting your data and systems in the cloud

All of our servers are housed on High Availability virtual clusters.

Physical server installations are a thing of the past and virtualisation is the answer to get more reliable, secure and transparent servers. It allows you the flexibility to install on hardware on your own premises, on a private cloud not shared with others or on a cloud shared with others.

JCR Computers highly believes in server virtualisation, and we can provide a range all Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Our servers are housed on High Availability virtual clusters, which means less power, less hardware, higher security, less maintenance cost and a higher up-time.

All our servers are located locally in Australia. This ensures a high speed low latency connection between you and our servers. All servers are run on a High Availability Cluster, meaning you have an “Cloud” based high availability platform for running your virtual server on.

JCR Computers VPS Hosting is compatible with both Windows and Linux guest operating systems. We have found that Windows requires more RAM than Linux when running in a virtual server Environment. Linux hosting provides a stable, sturdy yet cost-effective hosting solution. While Windows Virtual Private Servers provide the best support for Windows scripts such as ASP and NET.

We can provide either and are happy to quote for your specific situation.

Most people and companies have computers and know how to use them, without the intricate knowledge on how to ensure that data is safe and secure and that access to their data and systems is guaranteed. In start-up situations you might get away with running a computer in a corner to host your web site. Soon though the data you use in your website and the uninterrupted access becomes increasingly important. The constant changes in versions and compatibility of website software, operating systems, network software and the like as well as the vulnerability of a computer running the most important link between you and your customers becomes too hard to manage and too high a risk.

That is where JCR computers can be of help. We have secure servers at your service that can operate as your gateway to the web. The servers have scalable power and capacity to run your websites and office systems. We have hardware and software in place to maximise security and availability. Our systems are continually backed up and have redundancy to maximise uptime and are kept up to date with the latest reliable operating systems and virus software at your service. Our virtual servers are scalable to grow with the rowing demand of your successful enterprise and take away any concerns about availability and security.

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