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Who we are, how it began.

JCR Computers is a team of seasoned IT specialists

JCR Computers is a team of seasoned IT specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of Information Technology and Data Communication.

At JCR Computers, our customers are our first priority and resolving your IT issues promptly is our foremost agenda. We will be able to advise you on an effective combination of our services to best suit your unique business situation, objectives, budget, and timeline.

Under our managed IT solutions, the JCR Computer team functionally becomes your IT Manager.
We handle all your IT issues as they occur and can provide customised solutions for your IT needs, including procurement of computer hardware and software, and designing, implementing and securing your network infrastructure.

At JCR Computers, we have technicians available to assist you 24/7 as we understand the pressing nature of IT issues and the value of exceptional customer service.

Our technicians will become familiar with your business operations so as to provide the best possible service to your organisation. We have worked with medical companies in fast-paced environments where information technology downtime cannot be incurred to keep their business operational in the face of challenging IT problems. Our technicians are certified, experienced professionals who are understanding of your concerns and continue to upskill and keep up with emerging technologies.

We also undertake proactive preventative maintenance on your devices to mitigate the risk of data loss, hardware damage and costly downtime. Through a combination of secure backups, rapid issue resolution and 24/7 support, we aim to provide business owners with peace of mind that their IT is in the right hands.

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