Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

Keeping your data safe.

Backup solutions, Cloud Backup and Data Recovery services.

Your data is a critical asset to your organisation that must not be compromised.

Many businesses now have their systems online and their data in cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. These services are great for sharing data between your devices, however, are ineffective as a method of keeping your data secure. As these services sync the data between devices and the cloud automatically, issues such as file or folder damage or deletion are common and costly. Additionally, as the drive is accessible from your computer, viruses or Trojans can compromise the integrity of your data stored on cloud services. This can cause dire financial damage to your business.

JCR computers provides a secure and reliable Cloud Backup Service. We can securely back up your Windows or Mac desktops, laptops, and servers. Our services and software keep your data secure from any data loss or virus attack.

If you have lost data and do not have backup, don’t despair yet. In most cases, we can retrieve your lost data and provide it back to you promptly.

The value of a secure backup becomes crystal clear once valuable documents, files and photos have been lost. Contact us now if you would like to safeguard your files from data loss or virus attacks.

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