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Your data is your digital identity of your organisation and an increasingly important asset. Many organisations now have their systems online and their data in cloud services such as Drobox, Google Drive or One Drive. Although these services are great for sharing data between all your devices; they do little to keep your data save. Because they are connected and syncing between devices automatically there is nothing stopping it from automatically syncing a file or folder deletion, accidental changing of a file or corruption through a faulty computer or external virus or Trojan. We have seen many examples where the Crypto-lock virus encrypted the files on the computer including all connected cloud services and connected backup drives. There is no recovery from this.

JCR Computers provides a secure and reliable Cloud Backup Service. We can securely backup your Windows desktop PC, Windows or Linux server, NAS, Apple Mac desktops, iMacs, MacBook’s and Apple servers. Our software and service keeps your data safe from loss and virus attacks.

For those situations that you haven’t got a backup and your data seems lost from your computer, your drive, camera or phone don’t despair though. In most cases we can through special techniques retrieve your lost data and provide back to you.

When you have once lost valuable documents, files, photo’s, video’s or other data you appreciate the value of backup.

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