Cloud Backup Services

Keeping your important data safe.

With our Cloud Backup Solution there is no concern with remembering to switch tapes or external drives.

With an increasing use of digital media, data forms an essential part of your daily life. Your customers, orders, financials, contracts, etc. are on in files on computers and disks. Even in our personal life, precious moments are stored digitally in photo files on phones, USB disks and computers. How often does a drive stop operating, is a USB backup drive dropped or gets corrupted through age, mould or a complete set of data gets destroyed through virus, theft, flood or fire.

Our powerful cloud backup service is the solution for your peace of mind. As long as your system is connected to the Internet, you can rest assured that all your important data is backed up. Our secure Australian servers, data backup procedures and state of the art Cloud Backup software provides safe and reliable storage of your data.

With this type of backup, we take an initial copy of all your data; then – depending on your settings – the cloud backup software will take regular incremental backups. This can be done once a day or as often as every 15 minutes or anything in between. Incremental backups are used to only transfer changes to your data. This not only limits the time it takes for a backup to complete but also saves your bandwidth as it reduces the data volume to be transferred over the Internet. Let’s face it, not everyone has unlimited NBN internet plans.

With our Cloud Backup Solution there is no concern with remembering to switch tapes or external drives, securely storing of tapes or external drives, tape/drive failure, etc. This is all taken care of by JCR computers.

Our service also effectively safeguards against Crypto Lock viruses. A Crypto Lock virus (and similar ransom ware) encrypts your data on all connected devices including all cloud storages such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. will not give back access until you pay the ransom. In many situations even after paying there is no further communication from the ransom takers or the decryption leaves many of your files corrupted. With our backup solution we take a copy of each file and retain a previous version for a while. So even if you would take a backup of the corrupted files onto our cloud service, we could get the previous – uncorrupted –  version as long as it is within the retention period.

Our software allows you to restore any lost files from the backup or we could assist you in getting your files back.

JCR Computers provides Cloud Backup plans starting at $33 per month. This is a low cost to keep all your important business data safe.

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