Security & Anti-Virus

Keeping your systems secure.

We offer a wide range of security and antivirus software from a range of vendors.

In the past, most of our transactions occurred in person in shops, branches with cash or cheques. This has changed dramatically over the last decade with ecommerce reaching ubiquity and online payment becoming mainstream. Criminals are incentivised to take advantage of this change in culture for profit.

Through malicious viruses, Trojans, malware and aggressive phone techniques, criminals try and acquire your data and passwords to abuse you for profit. This can be prevented through software antiviruses that we are able to supply to you including our Managed Antivirus Software.

We can implement hardware and software firewalls on all operating systems: Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux & Unix.

These solutions need to be monitored so that you can be made aware of any hacking attempts into your system from the firewall logs, find the source of a virus attack and monitor suspicious activities. All these monitoring services allow for proactive measures to be taken ahead of time, instead of dealing with the windfall afterwards. These security and firewall monitoring services are provided in our Managed IT Service Level Contracts.

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