IT Services

A list of our services.

Everything you need to get the most out of your computers.

Computers are everywhere around you and most people know how to use them to a certain degree. It is a bit like owning a car where most people can drive them. You will need an expert though to keep them maintained, fix any problems, or upgrade parts and good advice or a specialist to buy anew suitable one. The same goes for computers and JCR Computers is the best choice for all your Windows and Apple computer needs.

JCR Computers is a full service IT company. Our services cover Windows and Apple computers, Windows or Linux servers as well as game consoles, security systems, internet phone systems and home theatre. We also provide software related services for Windows, Apple and virtual computer systems.

We can help you with your domain name and hosting of your website and emails as well as storing your data in the Cloud.

If you need your data safe from virus attacks, backed up on our secure storage facility or recovered after a failure, we can help.

For companies we provide a wide range of high grade services to support your business. We can also act as your off-site help desk to support your staff so they get the most out of using their computers. We are there to help 24/7 in case your servers are down, your desktop or laptop won’t boot, your website needs hosting or you need a domain name registered fast. We provide monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts to keep you up and running.

This section covers our services in detail for individuals and companies. If you require a service that is not listed, contact us and you’ll be surprised at what we can provide.

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