Your phone system in the cloud.

We offer a State-of-the-art Virtual PBX Service for home and Business Users.

The use of the internet for telephony is a proven technology and in the last 10 years all corporate and telephone companies have switched to digital telephony. This makes voice over Internet Protocol (IP) a more logical solution than the old analogue telephone solutions.

Voice over IP (VOIP is a technology where voice is transmitted digitally over the internet) has many advantages, the first being cost where especially international VOIP calls are a fraction of regular calls. Also facilities like conferencing, follow me, recording, voice mail, etc. are much easier to accomplish.

Good access to the internet enables companies to get rid of their physical phone switch (Private Access Branch Exchanges – PABX) and instead get a managed system instead.

We offer a State-of-the-art Virtual PBX Service for home and Business Users. A PBX is a Private Branch Exchange, meaning your own telephone switch with which you can share one or more external lines between several internal handsets.

Your company can enjoy all the advantages of IP Telephony, without the upfront investment and management headaches of a premise-based IP phone system.

With our Hosted PBX solution, the entire IP Telephony switching infrastructure resides in our network.

JCR Computers Virtual PBX service is priced per extension, so you only pay for what you use. When you hire new staff all you need to do is purchase additional handsets from JCR Computers, and they will be automatically added to your Virtual PBX service.

Key advantages of a Virtual PBX are:

  • Ideal for small to medium sized offices
  • No need to buy or maintain expensive PBX equipment
  • Delivers enhanced calling features and capabilities for no additional fees, including voicemail to email, auto-attendant and call groups
  • Unlimited number of users, only pay for the number of users you need.
  • Virtual telephone system quick and easy to install and maintain

Pro’s & Features

  • Save on PBX Hardware
  • A PBX can cost your business thousands of dollars.
  • Get the same features and capabilities, without the huge upfront cost of purchasing a PBX.

Quick and Easy Installation

  • Get up and running quicker and easier with flexible installation options.
  • Easily set up the service yourself, just plug and play!
  • Alternatively, JCR computers can provide On-Site installation

Huge Savings on Call Spend

  • Significantly reduce your call spend with JCR Computers Broadband Phone Service.
  • With very competitive monthly fees, fixed Rate National Calls, low fixed to mobile rate & no flag-fall on any call type.
  • You will be able to save up to 60% off your business phone bill compared to PSTN (physical land lines)

Simple to manage

  • Completely self-managed via a user-friendly web portal, or give us a call and we can help you!
  • JCR Computers Virtual PBX delivers the ultimate in control and flexibility. Add new users & call groups at the click of a button from the web portal.

Number Portability

  • We understand your business telephone number is vital to your business.
  • JCR Computers Virtual PBX offers number portability, so you can keep and use your existing telephone number when you switch to us.

Free calls between Multi-location Offices

  • Effective company communication shouldn’t be an added cost.
  • With JCR Computers Virtual PBX, calls between offices on the same virtual PBX network are free – even internationally!

Unlimited Extensions

  • JCR Computers Virtual PBX is capable of handling unlimited extensions and incoming phone numbers.
  • It can be scaled from a small 2-person office to a company with over 100’s of employees.

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