20 June 2016

Email is not the same as email

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When we talk about email everyone has a different perspective of what that means. On one end of the spectrum you have the basic email where the user is only interested in the message and uses a basic email service where you can only type in the text without any specific fonts, colours, images or fancy layout. On the other end of the spectrum, email can be complete with fonts, colours, pictures, templates, out of office, signatures, as well as calendar, contacts, tasks and you can have them synced between all your devices. And there are many variants in between.

Changing emails is not a small task; not only do you need to ensure that your current email address still works as it is generally related to the domain of your company (iamme@mycompany.com.au) but also many people will already know your email address; changing it would require letting everyone know and missing emails. In addition, you would want your current email information not to be lost and brought over to the new email provider and it set up on all your devices so that when you read your email on your smartphone that you can see they are read or replied to on your computer or tablet. Also you would want to see the calendar appointments you entered on your computer later when you’re out and about by just looking on your phone.

For business you also might want

  • shared email accounts to be set up with delegated access from some others in the company
  • Calendars with shared functions so you can see others’ calendar with different colours or have a group calendar
  • Tasks shared so you can have to-do type functionality
  • Private and shared contacts

This is all possible with Office 365 for a subscription cost of not more than 2 cups of coffee per user per month.

If you want more out of your email, then contact JCR Computers. We are a Microsoft Partner and therefore we can recommend and help you migrate to a better email solution that makes your daily life so much more productive and less stressful.